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Equivalency Testing for Career Development offers GCSE Equivalent Correspondence courses and examinations for Mathematics, English and Science.

We enable adults to return to and achieve success in learning to improve their own quality of life through personal enrichment and enhanced employability skills. We are committed to inspiring students to achieve the highest standards of intellectual and personal development though a stimulating comprehensive programme. We are committed to instilling in each student a desire to learn, to accept challenges and are committed to encouraging and supporting all learners to reach their potential.

We know that encouraging genuine, high-quality education can guarantee access to further and higher education and rewarding employment.

With the increasing demand for qualifications in order to facilitate career development, Equivalency Testing works with all professional sectors. Our courses and examinations have been designed to fit in with a large number of leading UK universities recruitment process and can be set to accommodate any intake or commencement of the academic programme.

University intakes do not always fall in line with the GCSE and A level results leaving universities with places on their programmes and prospective candidates without the appropriate qualifications, therefore our services are welcomed by both students and universities.

Equivalency Testing has established close working relationships with many Schools Colleges and universities across the world.

Equivalency Testing

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72 Walton Gardens
Essex CM13 1EP


Phone: 01277 203336

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